Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Candy Cane Heart FAIL


I can't even look at that picture without laughing. I had a TON of leftover candy canes from Christmas and had seen a great idea for what to do with them here. MJ and I decided it would be cute to make some mini hearts for her classmates. My oven apparently did not think so. In retrospect because they were mini candy canes, I probably should have adjusted the baking time. But that would have been the kind of thing that someone would have thought of who actually knows what they're doing in the kitchen. Obviously not me.

In my defense I was preoccupied trying to multitask and make granola. Please make this ASAP.


I didn't want our baking afternoon to be a wash, so MJ and I made some brownies (boxed), cut them into hearts, and covered them with marshmallow fluff and sprinkles. Bakerella I am not, but these are pretty dang cute.


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Candi said...

That's a really cute idea about the candy canes!

Tess said...

It was a very cute idea, I wish it would have worked! I read that you can also shape the baked candy canes into letters =)